Aluminum Usage Areas

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Where Are Aluminum Profiles Used?

The aluminum profile is one of the building materials that have wide usage in the construction and building sector. Aluminum profile materials, which are resistant to heat, can also be easily shaped cause of their elastic structure, can easily transmit electricity and heat, and are resistant to weather conditions; The fact that it is resistant to liquid and gas leaks prepares the environment for the continuous expansion of the usage area of ​​aluminum profile materials.

These profile materials, which can show great resistance against harsh weather conditions, ensure their widespread use, especially in exterior construction.

Aluminum profile materials, which have many features that will provide ease of use, are preferred in many areas of the building and construction industry with these features, while their usability and durability make them a matter of choice.

Aluminum profiles can be used in laying floors, filling the floor voids, as well as in glass railing systems, corner turns in glass doors, industrial and household type blinds production, the skeleton structure of the entrance stairs of the houses, stair railings, balcony railings, the edges of the pools to prevent the passage of water and air from the glass balcony mechanisms. It is the building element that is frequently used in the handrails, steel door frames, separation wall works, operating mechanisms windows, and doors.

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